We were in Hood River for Labor Day, and bought a whole box of Red Bosch pears from a little orchard stand. Ever since, we’ve been figuring out what to do with them, besides just munching them straight. I love it when the pear is just ripe–not too mushy. We’ve recently been interested in canning and preserving, so some pears were already slated for that.

Here’s a few things we’ve done with our pears:

Pears, cheese, and white wine. This cheese was aged gouda, recommended by the nice grocery lady. She was spot on–it was delicious! Please notice how many pears are on the octopus plate. Oh, yes. We are dorks.

Pear Ginger Preserves–a recipe from the Ball Canning and Preserving book, with pears (of course), fresh ginger, lime juice, and zest. Yummy!

Pear Butter–smooth and buttery, yet so full of pears!

I have to admit that Jesse is the master here. As much as I’d like to take credit, I tend to only get in the way and cause tense words to be said when I put dirty spoons on recently cleaned cutting boards. I like to think I helped, but really, it’s Jesse who scrupulously sterilizes the jars, measures ingredients, and watches for the perfect gelling point. I just stand around and enjoy the smell. Then mention how much hard work this all takes.
I like to say “We made this.” But when I’m smearing the butter on a piece of toast, then tasting the peary goodness, I don’t really care who made it. It’s just delicious.

We have a few more left, still, and it’s a close call whether they’ll be made into something like this, or just eaten up for breakfast. A perfect fall treat!