I love soup. So much. So very, very much. It is warm and flavor-bursting and delicious and yummy. As the dust jacket of my newest soup cookbook says, soup is “the ultimate comfort food.”

This new soup cookbook was given to me by my dear friends Nat and Andrea (I’m suspecting it was mostly Andrea, but I have nothing to back this up) for our wedding. It’s called The Daily Soup Cookbook, and is chock full of really good recipes for an entire plethora of soup-cooking. It divides the soups out into main ingredients, like Corn, Lentil and Pea, Rice, Cheese, and so on. It also throws in extra little sections like Movies to Rent While You Eat Soup, Periodic Table of the Soups, and Things to Do With Leftover Soup.

Apparently Daily Soup is a great little soup place in New York City. I didn’t know this because 1) I’ve never been to New York, 2) Portland is very far away from New York, and 3) I think my degrees of separation with New York is like 4. Meaning I don’t know anyone who lives there.

But I guess they make good soup, because the cookbook is fantastic. They have really simple recipes all the way up to making your own stock. So far we’ve tried Greek Tomato with Orzo, Mexican Cheese, and tonight’s meal: Corn, Red Pepper and Zucchini Chowder. Of the three, I think tonight’s was definitely the winner. (It was also the only one Jesse made. Should I read into that too much?)

 It had been a long day at work, and I came home to find Jesse almost done making it, so the smell was overbearingly delicious. It was a perfect thick chowdery soup for a chilly day like today, and a perfect amount of vegetables for right after Halloween. My sugar-stuffed body appreciated those healthy veggies. Way to go, new cookbook (and Jesse). Thanks for giving us a winner!
Perhaps a trip to New York City should be in the works now. I mean, if the soup WE made was that good, imagine what professionals could do! I want to go to that place.
Also, since we’ve had clear weather lately, the moon was really pretty tonight, so here’s a bonus picture. I’m still withholding indoor pictures of our apartment on account of an excessive amount of mess.