So, I’ve been frustrated in my sewing lately. Mostly it’s because I haven’t had much time, with starting a new job, then moving and packing everything up, then trying to unpack and get set up again. But I’ve been working on a dress from Burda Style called “Coffee Date Dress.” It’s a super cute pattern, and I got this great dark grey fabric that I thought would be perfect for work. Especially with a cute navy cardigan.

So, I started cutting and sewing a few weeks ago, and it was going great. I got the skirt part down before we had to pack up, and it was looking really good. So the other day I dug my sewing stuff out and got all excited to work on the dress again. I remembered, though, that I hadn’t washed the fabric, so I thought I’d throw it in the washer to get it all nicely shrunk and ready to sew again.

I didn’t realize, though, that Jesse had used the washer to bleach some white shirts of his, and apparently there was just a tiny bit left over, because it got all over my nice gray fabric! And of course that fabric was the only thing in the wash that got it. Grr…

It got hit pretty bad, so I thought “Fine. I’ll just bleach the whole thing, and have a lighter colored dress.” Yeah…didn’t quite work that way. Take a look:

The fabric on the right is the original stuff–it’s a nice, shiny, quality dark gray. The fabric on the left is what’s left of the bleached stuff. Not only did it completely wash the color out to a faded denim look, there are still random dark and light spots everywhere! It’s very sad… I might be able to salvage it into a rocker-chick style skirt, but that was not my original vision. I really wanted a nice gray dress for work!! And now I’m left with a sad strange mess.  Oh, bleach, you devil, you.
So now I feel all stunted with my sewing. I have another skirt pattern I want to start, and a shirt I still need to finish, but first I feel like mourning the loss of this dress. It would have been so chic and cute. Goodbye, Coffee Date Dress in dark gray that would have looked great with my blue cardigan.
I’ll miss you.