It’s been a sickly week for us, which is no fun at all. But amidst the piles of kleenex, mugs, water glasses, disposable thermometers, and blankets, we have discovered a new love: Netflix Watch It Instantly.
There is a whole plethora of movies and tv shows ready to been seen right away, with just a click of a button. This is amazing news to those as couch-ridden and slightly delirious as Jesse and I were. Here are a couple picks from our “recently watched” list.

1) The Incredible Hulk. This was Jesse’s. I can’t explain it. Apparently it’s amazing, but it’s really just some guy painted green with crazy bushy hair.

2) She’s All That. Mine. I admit. Oh, Freddie Prinze Jr. Although for some reason I remember it being a lot better… 10 Things I Hate About You still wins in my book.

3) 30 Rock. Love this show! There’s nothing better to watch when you’re sick than a ridiculously funny show about ridiculous people. Plus, Tina Fey is awesome.

4) Ferngully. Again, mine. I admit. I remember this movie striking a strong “Save the Rainforest” vein in me when I was 7. Strangely enough, it had the same effect on me today…

5) Jim Gaffigan Stand Up Comedy. So, so funny… I fell into a feverish sleep about halfway through this, but what I did see was hilarious. *Hot Pockets*

So, there’s our Top Five Netflix to Watch When You’re Sick.

Hopefully you don’t have to utilize it anytime soon.