I just bought a new pattern today, and I’m so very excited for it to arrive in the mail. It’s from Colette Patterns–made by a local Portlander with an eye for vintage style.

I just love the style:

Isn’t it fantastic?

I’m quite excited to work with a real pattern. So far I’ve been using Burda Style, which is wonderful (not to mention free. no arguments here), but you have to tape together the pattern pieces and the instructions never make sense. This pattern comes with a little instruction booklet. So high quality! I paid a high price for it, but it’s supposed to be cherished and used again. And why not have one pattern like that, especially such a cute one? I’ve been working with peanuts for awhile, time to move up in the world. And I’m not sure what that peanuts metaphor extends to, so I won’t even try…

I like the model in white, but I’m not sure how often I’d wear a white dress, so I’m thinking of other colors. My current idea: a light periwinkle blue, with the yoke and waist a salmon-red color? I love that combination so much!

Any ideas or thoughts?