Christmas is finally here! The stores have been decorated since before Halloween, but I don’t allow myself to get into the the Christmas mood until after Thanksgiving. To each holiday their due, you know. But now Thanksgiving has past, and it’s Christmastime–the most wonderful time of the year! It may or may not be true, but when the cold is biting your nose, cookies are baking, and trees are lit up along the street, it’s hard not to believe it.
This year is our second Christmas, but our first as a married couple. I’ve tried to find decorations to celebrate this important fact, but Jesse doesn’t seem to think it’s as important, so I’ve contented myself with a some nice holly branches and a very Martha-Stewart-esque cranberry-filled jar.

Notice Mr. Moose. He’s new this year, and I feel he’s a very welcome addition to the holidays. Also, the cranberries. I seem to have a thing for cranberries this year. I’ve included them in a few recipes, floated them in my spiced cider, and now they’re in my December decorations. Mostly, I just love how they float. You can’t see it very well in this picture, but they float very nicely, and sticking your hands into a bowl of floating cranberries is incredibly satisfying as they lightly bump up against your fingers. I’ve always thought cranberry farming would be a good job, solely for this reason.
So it’s December 1st, and I’ve decorated my cozy home, baked cookies, and listened to festive music. The holidays have begun!