On Sunday we went to cut down our own Christmas tree! This is a step up from last year, when we found our tree in the back of a tree lot, propped him up with a homemade stand, put a hat on his top for want of a better topper, and named him Olaf.

This year we ventured out with the Beedles to cut down our own tree and make some memories. I have to say, Andrea and I were a bit more excited than the men at this memory-making excursion, but they perked up once they were given the saw.
We wandered around a forest of tiny douglas firs, looking for the perfect tree for each of us. It’s a pretty big decision! Especially when you have the power of the saw–you don’t want to go cutting down the wrong tree.
We finally found the rights ones, and Jesse chopped it down in a very manly way while I sipped my hot chocolate.

Jesse and his tree.
Our marriage’s first Christmas tree!
The Beedle’s chosen tree.

Andrea and I were so excited to be looking for our first Christmas trees as married couples that we broke in song a few times. Mostly O Christmas tree. Then we danced around one, just to drive the point home.
Now our trees are home, watered, set up, and mostly decorated, looking oh so festive and beautiful.
How lovely are your branches, indeed.