We took care of a friend’s little kitty over Christmas, despite Suki’s complaints.

Her name is Wilhamena, and she’s pretty darn cute.

Suki had never been with another cat before, so we were a little worried that she might flip out and eat someone’s face, but she surprised us by hiding under the bed, sulking, for the first few days. Apparently she couldn’t even face the competition. Once she did come out she satisfied herself by hissing, avoiding contact, and in general letting us know her discontent. Whereas Wilhamena instantly overtook our couch, bed, laps: anywhere she could, really, including our hearts. She’s so soft and fluffy, with her clumsy little kitten ways! And so much lighter to pick up and throw around–she was quite the cuddler. A bit of an explorer, too:

I’ve been mentioning to Jesse that perhaps it would be fun to get another kitty, so this was the perfect test run for us. I think we’re both in agreement that fluffy kitties are adorable and cute and fun to play and cuddle with. Also, having 2 cats tearing around, climbing into the Christmas tree (Wilhamena), jumping on top of the fridge (Suki), and eating iPod headphones (Wilhamena) is a little much. Plus we’d have to empty the litter box like twice as much. So for now, probably not. But maybe someday.
Now that Wilhamena is gone, Suki is a new cat. She’s been happily claiming her rightful place on our laps, whether we want her there or not.
Bye bye, kitty.