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I finally sewed something else! I’ve been plagued by a couple of projects that didn’t work out, so this is quite an exciting success for me.

This is based off a Burda Style pattern, and again, I felt like their instructions are just so hard to follow and very confusing. It even seemed like they left out a couple steps completely. I think I’m just more of a beginner than those patterns are geared for, so I need things spelled out pretty clearly. But, an incomplete pattern forces a bit more creativity and improvisation, so maybe it’s good for me?
Anyway, the blouse turned out pretty well. The neck is bigger than I expected, and the whole shirt was a lot shorter than I thought. If I had known, it would have been a simple fix to make it longer. Guess I should have measured myself.
But, it all holds together, and with a high-waisted skirt it actually looks quite fantastic, so no complaints. I just can’t wear it with my low-rise jeans!

Another note: I love, love, love this fabric. It’s a pretty rosy silk-chiffon (maybe a little see-through), and lucky for me I bought extra! So now I have enough to contemplate other projects. I won’t say yet, just in case it doesn’t work, but it could be pretty amazing.

Now that this is accomplished, I feel sufficiently ready to tackle my Collette Patterns. Pull out the big guns!