Jesse, in all his baking fervor, tackled pretzels last week.


Or maybe they tackled him… Either way, he managed to twist his way to a delicious browned, firm crust with yeasty goodness inside. Delicious!

Here they are before going into the oven, and that was the last picture I got before we gobbled them all up. A little salt on top, a little mustard, and they were perfect (I won’t mention the fact that they stuck to the pan horribly because I didn’t grease it enough…).
Twisty is a good illustration of how I’ve been feeling about life lately. Twisty, perhaps a little restless or unsatisfied… who knows how to describe it. But it’s amazing how a little unhappines can affect all sorts of things in your life. I’ve been reading a lot of craft blogs, and trying to sew, which is a great outlet for my creativity drive, but at the end of the day it just leaves me wanting more. Then I look at all the stores on Etsy, all the people creating whole clothing lines on Burda Style, and blogs with successful women behind them who’ve created careers out of their crafty drives. It leaves me unhappy.
I want so bad to create that for myself, too, but…but, but, but. Always a but. Not enough money, time, talent, direction. There’s a lot in my way, most of all the fact that I have no clear vision for what I actually want. I want to earn money doing the things I love to do. I have idea how to do that, or what it is, exactly, that I love to do.
Twisty, twisty. Excuses, excuses. For now, I’ll keep working on my skirt.