We had a pretty low-key Valentine’s Day here. It was Sunday, but since I had to work, Jesse took it upon himself to cook me an amazing dinner. This took days in the making, and required him to hide things in the freezer, go grocery shopping on the sly, and in general sneak around and ban me from the apartment.

My present also took a lot of sneakiness, but less so, because Jesse doesn’t usually look in my sewing stash, so I figured I was safe even if I left it out in plain view. I like to take the road that if I don’t tell him there’s a surprise, he won’t even pay attention if I leave things in obvious places. Whereas if he tells me not to look in the fridge, it takes all my strength not to look in the fridge. (I didn’t. It was a pleasant surprise.)

So, without further ado, here are our respective Valentine’s Day surprises. One of Jesse’s presents to me:

This is Baked Alaska, in it’s natural habitat, the freezer.  This view allows you to see the layers inside: we have chocolate cake, then 3 layers of ice cream (Hagen Daz), topped with a layer of whipped meringue, and finally baked in the oven for a few minutes to turn the meringue night and toasty. When sliced, this is topped by homemade fudge sauce. The whole thing is, in a word, heavenly. And amazing. Delicious. Wonderful. Worthy-of-being-paid-large-sums-for. The rest of the meal was just as good, but really, everything pales in comparison to this.
And my present to Jesse:

Sorry it’s sideways. I can’t figure out how to turn it around. Anyway, since it’s expensive to buy nice lingerie, I figured I could just whip some up! This babydoll cami turned out pretty well. I ripped the lace and the button placket from an old shirt, so the buttons go all the way up the side. It’s a little loose, so it really needs straps. (But honestly, it’s not like it really needs to stay up anyway. Tee hee.) This is the rest of the fabric I used for my previous pretty blouse, and I’m quite happy with how it was used. I tried to make undies to go with it, but that was a complete disaster. 

This worked out, though. I won’t say much more, except that it was pretty well received.  🙂
Happy Valentine’s Day!