Jesse’s mom bought us snowshoes last October. Last December, we used them to walk up the street after the big snowstorm. Yesterday was the first time we’d put them on since then, and the first “real” snowshoeing adventure.
The weather was gorgeous–about 60 degrees in Portland, but it got chillier as we drove up Mt. Hood, and a bit snowier (luckily). I was afraid we wouldn’t find any snow at all, but it seemed like just as we turned into the trailhead, it was there. Just waiting for us. And the sun was shining for us, and little birdies were chirping, and Mt Hood was beaming it’s white smile at us… okay, it didn’t really smile. Obviously. But it was pretty close, I think.

It really was a gorgeous day, perfect to try out our snowshoes. If we were completely honest, we probably didn’t really need them. But it would have been silly to drive all that way to go snowshoeing, and then not go snowshoeing. So we strapped them on anyway.

We did a 5 mile loop around Trillium Lake, just at the base of Mt Hood. It’s a popular hike because it’s so easy to drive to, and it’s postcard-like views. Jesse brought a pack, and we picnicked on munchies halfway through while we enjoyed the view.

First Lesson: Snowshoeing is a workout. Second Lesson: Fresh air and sunshine is a nice thing to experience. Third Lesson: Bring a bottle opener to open bottles.

Now we’ve had winter’s last hurrah, and I’m ready for Spring! I spied some cherry blossom trees blooming on our way back into town, so now I have my eye out. Bring it on!