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I did it! I finished my Beignet skirt, my first swing at Colette Patterns. I have to say, I feel like this is my best, most polished work yet. This came with a lot of firsts, too–buttonholes, buttons, a lining, and a blind hem. All are now safely tucked away in my brain as certified knowledge. Of all my sewing projects, this one had the least amount of “Whoopsies! ….oh, well” going on, which is very encouraging. Not to say I didn’t mess up, because it’s not perfect… but it’s hard to tell that. All the pieces fit together, it fits me wonderfully, and I just love how the leather buttons look. So very classy! And, it has pockets. Love it, love it. I’m quite happy that the pockets are laying nice and flat–you can’t even tell they’re there!

I am so happy with it! Sometimes when I wear things I made, I get compliments, and when that happens I can’t help but blurting out “ThankyouImadeit!!!!” in a loud voice followed by a goofy grin. Then I feel bashful because it practically forces people to act impressed whether they want to or not. I’m working on being a bit more humble. Someday. 🙂
But that’s okay. Because I really am happy with it. And more than a little proud, too.

 I have two other Colette Patterns in my sewing to-do list now. Both of them are dresses, and both are a bit more intimidating to me. So I might try something easier next, then tackle another one. The pattern itself was so nice to work with–really clear instructions, and illustrations, it all made it go so much easier.
I feel ready for spring now! The trees are blooming, and daffodils are popping up!