It’s my weekend! Since I often go a few days without even leaving the building (the curse of working in the same place you live), on weekends especially I like to make a special effort to get out. Sometimes it’s hard, though, when it’s a gloomy day and all I want to do is sit inside, drink tea and sew.
But this morning was a cloudy, sun-spotted, spring morning, so it was the perfect day for a bike ride to Washington Park.

A few notes about this picture.
  1) The hat. I bought it for $5 at Urban Outfitters, and I’m pretty much in love with it. Hats take a certain commitment to wear–you have to wear it knowing that some people might think you look ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter, because you like it. And for $5?? Why not, I say.
2) The hill. This is only a slight hill, but it came after 5 major hills, a few stops for breathing, and a couple bike-walking intervals. I need to get more exercise.
3) And perhaps most important, The Tree in Bloom. I love these trees! Portland is full of them! It’s like the world’s signal that it’s finally spring, and even though it might rain a few more weeks, it’s okay, because things are blooming and the gray days are over.

Washington Park is up on a hill above Portland, giving it great views of the city, but also making it feel in certain places that you’re nowhere near a city. Lots of trees, a Rose Garden, benches, green grass, and birds make it a perfect place to go look for Spring. Jesse and I brought some pastries and books, and took our time.

It makes me want to read The Secret Garden.
The first rose of spring!
What a good weekend morning!