It was a slow day at work, so at lunch I found myself gazing at Etsy, and here is what I wish for.

Hungarian Scarf, from objetapetita. I just love these colors–like Saffron and Paprika. Very Hungarian indeed. Also, I particularly like browsing objetapetita’s store, because she has a little story vignette with every item. It’s so lovely!

Radish red Paisley secretary shirt dress from CapriciousTraveler. Oh what a perfect style! So proper and secretary like, but very sexy. At first I didn’t realize this is a dress, not just a blouse and skirt. I love how the red shirt pops! This seller has a TON of great finds.

Feminine navy blue high collar blouse by CapriciousTraveler. I love the color, the dainty ruffles and high collar. It’s so satisfying to wear things like this to work now that I have a job that lets me. Somehow it’s just not the same wearing it to the grocery store.

Cranberry wine bow heels, 1970s, from Thrush. I can just feel these shoes going with a pencil skirt and the navy blue blouse from above. Oh, yes!

Lovely Yellow flower cotton gauze, from UniqueShiny. I can envision an adorable little blouse being sewn out of this. Cotton gauze is so light and sheer my fingers just ache to touch it! I found so many fabric samples I wanted from her store!

So there it is, a little sampling from my “favorited” tab. My budget would perhaps let me get one of these goodies, but how to decide??