Lucky girl that I am, I get a brand new bike! And by that I mean a bike frame from Craigslist that we got painted. Hey, it’s new to me.

Isn’t it such a perfect color? I almost went with a purple lilac color to get in touch with my girly side more, but I’m so glad I chose this one. It’s a mixte frame, which means it’s good for wearing skirts with because I can step through. Jesse will tell you other things about it, like how this frame is stiffer than a normal stepthrough frame (a good thing), and other details about the construction. It’s a good city-bike frame, for riding around Portland, going grocery shopping, or meeting a friend across the river for coffee. And I can wear skirts or dresses with it!

Jesse’s been slowly collecting other parts for me, and some we’ll take off my old bike, so now that we have a frame, the building can begin! We have a gorgeous leather Brooks saddle, new handle bar tape, and other parts that I can’t describe. but are very important. Once we get it built, I want to get one of these beautiful bike purses from Poka Cycle Accessories in Toronto:

You can put on your handlebars or rack, and then just sling it across your shoulder when you’re ready to go inside a shop! So stylish! They also have amazing headbadges:

I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’ll post updates!