The best part about being sick is that you get to watch movies, and no one else gets to decide but you. This weekend I watched I Capture the Castle, based on the book by Dodie Smith.
I loved this book when I was younger. It’s told by 17-year old Cassandra Mortmain, who’s family lives in an old castle in England with a famous author of a father (who hasn’t written anything in twelve years), a stepmother who likes to take off her clothes in the rain, a beautiful older sister, a smart-alecky younger brother, and the handsome hired help. Throw in the arrival of two brothers from America, and you’ve got yourself quite the soap opera.
Except the great thing about the story is that it’s not a soap opera, not in the least. It’s such a real, down-to-earth, true story about growing up and falling in love that including a castle is the perfect counterpoint instead of a cheesy cliche.

The movie was pretty much perfect, by the way. It follows the book like all movies should–staying true to the story while adding those details that make it great to watch. And it was so great to watch, I think mostly because of the costumes and setting.  It’s set in 1930s England. I have such a weakness for 1930s anything. Look at some of these pictures:

The hats! The swimsuits!  Trenchcoats! Curly red hair! This one is my favorite:

1) Love the hat. 2) Love the cardigan. 3) Love the fact that there’s a castle in the distance, which doesn’t have much to do with 1930s fashion, but still.
I couldn’t find really great pictures, but there were more. Delicate sweaters, trim pantsuits, amazing hats, a cute dog. Did I mention the hats?  I wish more people wore hats these days.

I was really inspired by all the styles, but it’s hard to re-create hats and sweaters with sewing…but maybe I’ll look for a fun 1930s or 20s dress I can make.
For now, I just need to feel better. It’s getting there.