I spent last Sunday wandering around our neighborhood enjoying the sunshine. I popped into Hawthorne Vintage, a cute little vintage shop that I expected to be quite small. It actually stretched back room after room, like a giant cave filled with ancient treasure. Or, little porcelain mugs with 70s style flowers on them.

I was about to wander out empty-handed and call it a good trip, when I spied a little room with overflowing shelves. Of what? Fabric! All sorts of fabric, in all sorts of prints. There was a lot of crazy kitschy prints that I would never use, but a lot of really great ones, too! And prices were somewhere like $12 for 2 and a half yards, which is a great deal. So I settled on this one:

I think I might try to make it into a cute jumper, something like this one. This project might be down the line a bit, though, which is fine since the fabric is a bit thicker and fall-feeling. A perfect late summer/early autumn project!