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I started a shirt for Jesse months and months ago, and have been so delayed in getting it done that it was his birthday by the time I finished! I planned that, of course.
I need to officially call this project a practice. This shirt has so many mistakes, flaws, and mis-sews in it that it would never fly on someone who wasn’t obligated to love me. Look at him, so handsome in his giant shirt.
It seems like whenever I get confident in sewing, I come across a project that just flattens me, runs me over, and leaves me lying by the side of the road with my crooked seams and uneven sleeves. This was one of those projects.
The collar is huge. That’s not my fault, since I was following the pattern. But still.
The buttons are on the wrong side. And I purposely tried to avoid that!
The cuffs face the same way, on both sleeves. Awesome. Good thing he’s rolled them up here.
It’s way too big, overall. I took in the sides, so that fits okay, but the shoulders sag down his arm, and the open chest/neck kind of evokes pirate to me…
Though surprisingly, I wasn’t too dejected about any of it. It was my first foray into menswear, so I think I expected some road bumps. And the end product looks like a shirt (which was my aim, you know), so I’m happy enough. Now I think I know what to expect enough to be able to try again on nicer fabric, hopefully with better results. But what a pain! I’m going back to dresses for awhile. Sew a sack, put a belt around it, and you’ve got yourself a finished product.