Awhile ago I made this shirt, my Art Nouveau Sencha, that I wasn’t too happy with. I loved loved loved the fabric, but the fit was just so frustrating that by the time I finished I just hung the shirt in my closet and moved on to the next project.

Today I came across it, and thought I’d give it one more chance. Sometimes I anthropomorphize things a bit too much, maybe? I didn’t want the shirt to feel bad about itself! So I tried it again. And you know what? I got so many compliments on it at work! My co-worker assured me it looked great, and doesn’t even make my chest look flatter.

And then–here’s the real redemption–the waitress at the Indian restaurant at lunch told me she loved it. Not even liked–loved. Those are the best compliments, when complete strangers feel moved enough to speak up. My co-workers may have felt some obligation to say they liked it, in the hopes of continued workplace peace, but a waitress doesn’t really care about me after I walk away. Hooray for random compliments!

The shirt is redeemed!