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Portland has turned into a furnace. After that wet, rainy, miserable spring and supposed-summer, it’s finally summer in all it’s glory here.
Of course, now it’s TOO hot, so we’re still complaining. But I like a good heat wave now and then, so as long as I have lemonade, salads, and very little clothing, I’m good.

I haven’t made anything new in a little bit, but I did finish this dress awhile ago. Yes, it’s another Modcloth copy. I’m on a roll!

This one I’m actually really proud of, because I merged two patterns into one, making up a lot of details along the way to copy the original. Here’s my inspiration:

I think I like my colors better! My fabric is a little bit heavier, though, so it’s not quite the breezy summer heat dress that it could be. But I still love it. Back view:

Do you see that smocking? Yup, I did that. Totally made it up, too, from a random online tutorial. It helps pull the back together, and gives it a bit more stretch when I’m pulling it over my head.

It’s called the Boat Race Dress on Modcloth, and I almost finished it in time to wear it to our Dragon Boat Races…but not quite. Foiled!

But I can wear it now, and imagine keeping cool while sipping one of these. Happy Summer!