Everything I made this summer was gearing up for our Cabo trip. Now that it’s over, I’m not sure what to make anymore! I have two dress patterns for fall–but I’m not willing to admit that summer will be over anytime soon, so those are out. So, while I figure out what I’m making next, here are two easy things I just finished up this week:

Summer Swooshy Apron
I started this months ago, but it kept getting pushed back–it’s finally done! I love how full the apron is.  I actually should have just extended the fabric some and made it a cute skirt, because from the front that’s what it looks like. From the back, there’s a nice open “framed” view… Maybe a skirt will be next time, in another fabric.
Why do my feet look ridiculously small in this picture? I don’t know.
This color reminds me of watermelon, and summer, and hot days. I think a mojito would look fabulous in front of that color. It would also taste fabulous.
Braided Collar Tank 
I almost got this finished in time for Mexico, but then I got lazy, and didn’t. But now it’s done! The fabric came from a sack-type dress I’ve had for years, that I was a bit tired of. It was the kind where it just hangs on you, but with a belt it looks cute. I was tired of that style, and this braided tank pattern looked cute, so I went for it. In retrospect, I should have lined up the stripes better. Stripes will be the end of my sewing career, I’m sure of it. But for a casual hot-weekend tank, it works.
Next up, I’m mulling over what to do with some gorgeous Batik pillowcases my co-worker gave me. Maybe a skirt? Is there enough fabric? Hmm…. Also, I’m still miserable about my cutting mistakes, and I don’t know what to do. Now I realize I may have completely neglected to cut a section. Great. No more cutting out patterns while watching movies.
Things to ponder… for now, I will drink a pomegranate margarita and enjoy the sun.