A long time ago Jesse bought a frame off craigslist, got it powder-coated a pretty apple green, and promised he’d build me a new bike.
It took awhile. He was busy.
But now it’s done! And she’s beautiful!! The frame has a drop bar so I can ride in skirts easier, but it’s still sturdy and fast enough to get me to work on-time every morning. The saddle is supposedly going to get very soft and comfortable as it molds to my behind, but it’s a little hard right now. Hammered fenders (the front one isn’t installed yet) make it so classy, along with the Brooks leather saddle and pretty cork grips. I’m in love! I’ve already gotten compliments on it–all credit goes to Jesse.
One problem was the thumb shifter, which liked to drift back down to the harder gears, without my knowing it. I would be pedaling along and suddenly the chain would snap into another gear, and the whole bike would shudder. Jesse heroically got me a new shifter and installed that this week, and my inaugural ride to work was without mishap.
I like to get into the habit of thinking of a bike as the default mode of transportation. Work, grocery store, out to dinner, the park…all can be easily reached by bike. Lately I’ve been bad at that. I haven’t had a bike for a few months, and both were in pieces, and then I’ve been annoyed with the shifter, so I’ve taken to driving or busing to work more often. But really–I live in Portland, one of the easiest cities in the US to bike in, so I really should be biking more. And it’s summer–no rain to contend with! I’ve really got to get back out there. So now that the shifter is all better, we’re off to explore!
Now I just need a name for her! Any ideas?