It sounds so dowdy. Like I live on a farm, or in the 18th century, or wear all black clothing and ride a bike with an umbrella (wait, that’s from Wizard of Oz). But lately, I’ve started to think more about quilting.

Quilts were never around that much when I was growing up. We had wool blankets and picnic blankets and bedspreads all collected from different places, but never handmade quilts, really. But as I get more confident in my sewing, I feel like connecting a pile of squares shouldn’t be too hard. Right? (I know, experienced quilters are laughing at me right now).  But really, I feel like if I can manage to make a few dresses that don’t fall off, I should be able to figure out a simple patchwork quilt.

So I’ve been thinking about those possibilities. Our current bedspread is a homemade quilt, but Jesse can’t tell me if his grandma or great-grandma made it. Really special, obviously. It’s a cute quilt, dark green with floral patches and funny bright orangy-red ties. Lately I’ve been imagining snuggling in bed under a quilt I made. I could do it all–choose the colors, the fabrics, the patterns. How customizable DIY is!

What really did it for me, though, is this quilt on Anthropologie (damn them and their beautiful things). This is the Laelia Bedding:

Oh my word! Absolutely. Beautiful.

This is not your dowdy, 18th century, farmhand quilt. This is art. I feel I’m a few dozen quilts away from making this beauty, but with all the fabric choices these days, and all the internet-library-church-lady help widely available, why not attempt this?

Even on a simpler scale, I’d love to have a cozy quilt in my favorite colors to warm me up in front of the tv, or to pull outside and relax with on the porch, or in the park.

I’m not ready to admit summer is nearing an end, so I won’t. But this fall might be the perfect Start a Quilt time. Who’s up for a good ol’ 18th century sewing bee??