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I am the opposite of a 50’s housewife. But sometimes, I like to put aside my copy of The Feminine Mystique, grab some pearls, and wear a fluffy skirt with heels.
When I wear this, it makes me feel like I should be at home, greeting Jesse with a pot roast and a smile when he comes in the door. In reality, I’m the one at the office all day, and he’s often the one cooking. Maybe I should make him his own skirt…
50’s-ness aside, I just love this skirt. I’ve realized how much I enjoy high-waisted skirts lately, and this one just adds to my collection. I love the fluffiness of it, and the contrast between the cinched high waist and the full, casual seersucker fabric. It’s a skirt that’s at home in the office or on a beach. Now I sound like a JC Penney ad! Sorry, not for sale! Get your own housewife.
I took an apron pattern and made it just a little longer, then added a zipper on the side to make this. It’s a little roomy in the waist, but luckily the ties help with that. The length, I think, is just perfect.
Side note: I had a rough time taking pictures, since I couldn’t get the camera to stay steady with the self-timer and no tripod. But I do want to point out that I put on bright red lipstick, and I’m just so sad that you can’t really see it. I guess that’s the fate of a housewife. All dressed up and no one to see…