In my sewing history (we’re just over a year now), I’ve mostly made things for myself. And as my family can vouch for, the things I’ve made for other people were…well, they were either September-birthday-turned-Christmas-presents, or they’re still in my pile of things to fix because they were crappy in the first place.

I mention all this because I’m beginning to suspect I’m a bit selfish in my sewing. I adore The Selfish Seamstress, who’s hilarious blog has the tagline “Because I only sew stuff if it’s for me.”
I’m really not quite as selfish as she is, though. My intense need for people to like me overrides any selfishness, so I’ve found myself sewing a couple odd things for someone else here and there. This is difficult, because my sewing skills are still fledgling, and crappy seams are in direct opposition to people liking me. Conundrum.
I’m taking a big step this week, because a co-worker found out I sew, and asked me to re-style a  skirt she has. This will be my first paid work. I’m hoping it doesn’t fall off of her, because it would be embarrassing to give the $15 back.
The skirt is a beautiful batik wrap skirt, from the Philippines. It was a gift from her parents, and she’s never been able to “figure out” the wrap skirt, as she says. So, this project should be a simple task of putting in a zipper, and then shortening the hem a bit. I took her measurements (a bit awkwardly, I must say), and am now prepared to begin cutting and sewing. I’m nervous. There’s a reason I don’t work as a tailor.
If this doesn’t turn out, it’s back to pure selfishness for me.

This could seriously impact Christmas giving.