We finished!

And I’m exhausted.

Now let’s just hope it all tastes good!

Other weekend activities:

  • Philly Steak Sandwich from the new food carts on 42nd and Belmont. Hooray for food carts!
  • I took a chunk out of my finger with a peeler while stripping apples. Ouch.
  • A monsoon moved into Portland. I finally found my umbrella. Jesse ridiculed me.
  • A beautiful, sparkling wedding. Was it damp from the slight drizzle or from my eyes? Congrats Vivian and Andrew!!
  • We had a truly real lazy day on Saturday. A day where we had no plans, and actually found ourselves wondering what to do. I was almost bored. Imagine that!

It’s back to work now. But hey, it’s almost relaxing after all that canning! Phew!