I made this last night. I love this fabric, with all my heart. I first saw it at a store downtown and spent awhile stroking it before leaving. Then I saw it again at Bolt, and when Jesse said he liked it, too, promptly bought some. This kind of fabric really has to be used for accents, though, because at $40 a yard, I’d go broke trying to make a dress. And what better accent than a scarf/handkerchief?

I even did a hand-rolled hem on this, which took me an entire movie to finish. I wasn’t feeling well last night, so a movie and a sewing project, with some tea, was exactly what I needed.

Hand-rolled hem and cute birdies

I was all alone last night, so I was free to pick whatever movie I wanted to see, without pleasing 3 other people. I love those nights, when I get to watch exactly what I’m in the mood for. Well, depending on what Netflix has on Instant Watch (I wanted Lord of the Rings, for some reason. No luck.) I ended up choosing Aeon Flux despite the bad reviews because I have a girl-crush on Charlize Theron. I actually liked it, mostly, though it does have a pretty bad script.

Today I’m still feeling crappy, but these little birdies are making me a bit happier. And the good news is that I have leftovers, so they can be an accent on something else! Birdies everywhere!

I have about 3 other projects I’m close to finishing, so as soon as I get pictures of them (meaning I’d need to shower), I’ll put those up, too.