Happy October!
We spent last weekend relaxing at a friend’s beach house, which was just lovely. The weather could not have been more perfect for an October weekend at the coast–while I was expecting freezing fog, we got sunny, clear days!
I can’t get over how beautiful the Oregon Coast is, every time I see it. Growing up in a rather coast-less environment (thank you, Colorado), makes me love the fact that these waves, craggy rocks, and lumps of jellyfish are only a short drive away. Countless photo opportunites and countless moments of pure windswept beauty are all mine.

My new scarf performed beautifully

Photo by Brittany Ouchida-Walsh

Who needs a sandcastle when you have rocks?

Photo by Brittany Ouchida-Walsh

Photo by Brittany Ouchida-Walsh


With all that gorgeous sunshine, I’m not convinced I’m ready for the gray, blustery days to come. I should have bottled some blue sky up at the beach, I guess.

I am, however, ready for hot chocolate, and to dig my sweaters out of their boxes. But can I have those and keep the sunshine, too? Please?