I’m addicted. I’m hopeless. I can’t stop.
My budget, vacation time, and life have gotten in the way of any travels, so instead I’ve taken to skulking around the internet reading other people’s travel descriptions.
I pick a destination and proceed to read a day by day journey of someone who went there. They ate fresh udon noodles, dipped thier toes in the Nile, hiked to Macchu Picchu, heard the cacophony of the Istanbul markets, and joined the sweaty crowds in Rome.
I made coffee and answered phones today.
This can’t be a healthy addiction. It leads to dissatisfaction with my own life while simultaneously planning elaborate trips to every corner of the world. Did you know that in some circles a year long Round-the-World trip (shortened to RTW, of course) is considered completely normal? I wish I were in that circle. I have come down with a horrible case of wanderlust.
It’s a fun word to say (especially in German: “von-der-loost”), but not a fun thing to have.
To avoid it, here’s what not to do:
1. Go to this website, and browse the journals until you find one that you like. Find someone with good descriptions and a likeable voice who glazes over the complaints of travel (bad sleep, long train journeys, lost luggage), and highlights the transcendent joy in it. Ideally, find a journal that lasts for at least a year, ensuring maximum jealously from you.
2. Proceed to read as the author winds their way down the South American continent (or African, or Australian). Immerse yourself in the spray of Iguazu Falls, Argentina or the buzzing jungle near Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Move your tongue around the imaginary textures of Vietnamese Pho, Oaxacan tamales, or Swiss chocolate.
3. Now check your bank account, and proceed to weep in despair.
I seriously need to find other things to distract myself with–I’ve already planned separate journeys through Vietnam, Iceland, and the Netherlands, and I’m studying Peru at the moment. I’m considering buying a large world map for my wall.
If anyone has a cure, please help.