I’ve been enjoying fall lately. Relishing it, really. Soaking in it like a luxurious bath.

I haven’t appreciated a cup of chai tea like I did yesterday in a long time. It was the combination of the morning fog that obscured the city, my cold hands wrapped around the hot mug, and the warm, piquant spices that just define autumn for me.

I’ve been using the word ‘autumnal’ a lot lately. Apparently, it’s not a commonly used word–I’ve picked that up when people fall silent and look quizzical. But it’s the only adjective that encapsulates everything that is fall! So get used to it.

It’s been an autumnal week for me, as the nighttime temperatures have dropped and morning scarves are now a necessity. Our bed is piled high with cozy blankets, my sweaters have been dug out of hibernation, and the first pumpkin ale of the season has been imbibed. (Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. Yum. I’m also a fan of Elysian Night Owl. Oh, those delicious spices again!)


I spontaneously got off the bus at the grocery store the other day, went in, chose a lovely pumpkin, then caught the bus home. I received one strange look and two smiles as I sat on the bus, my pumpkin in my lap, feeling very self-satisfied. It now graces our front step and says “Happy Fall!” to everyone that visits. I’ve been trying to convince Suki to be friends with it, so I can get an Adorable Autumnal Picture, but she’s had none of that.

Oh, I love seasons. Just when you are beginning to get tired of your wardrobe, your dinners and drinks, your habits, here comes another season to change it all up. I love being ‘in touch with the seasons,’ in a non-hippie but very real way. There’s nothing like waiting all year for something you love. (Pomegranates!)

So, happy fall to everyone. May spices, good food, and warm clothes be as exciting for you as it is for me!