I’ve never been a great knitter. I’ve picked it up about three different times since I was a kid, but it’s never stuck around, even to the end of a project. Then sewing came along, which was a great, satisfying match. But the more I look at sewing blogs and crafting sites, the more knitting and crocheting comes up. I’m beginning to wonder. I mean, look at these!

Via Katie Carlson at KTDid, this is Tiny Owl Creations. Oh, my. Who would not want to be wrapped up in that lovely fluffiness?

This baby blanket is from The Purl Bee–a dangerous blog and store for all areas of textile arts. Also, perhaps the first thing that ever made me wish I lived in New York. The blanket comes as a kit: everything you need to make it, in a cute little box. Excuse me, can you throw in some knitting knowledge/talent?

A  tiny dress for a tiny girl, from Posie Gets Cozy. I just love this. Baby sizes make everything cuter. And these colors! Oh, my.

This is my absolute favorite. Perhaps it’s the cute furry cat, napping on top, or the wonderful color, or the thick bulky texture. If this were over my lap, my fingers wouldn’t be able to decide whether to hold onto my tea, give little kitty a scratch, or dig deeply into the thick yarn. Mm, what fuzzy joy. Didn’t I mention The Purl Bee was dangerous? Especially because you need about 7 skeins of yarn at $35 each. Ouch. But still….look at it!

I’ll be sticking with sewing for awhile longer. Too many other projects to make. But these are very tempting…