Hosting parties calls for some downtime afterward…

Suki helps me sew

She didn’t stay under the blanket for long, but it was quite cozy for awhile. I’ve decided to make myself a little Thanksgiving present this year, inspired by The Purl Bee’s Thanksgiving Table Runner. With matching napkins! I have a large random set of place-mats, tablecloths, and old runner, and more, so I’m really looking forward to having things that match and look good, with some of my favorite fabrics.
Lately I’ve been inspired by this quote by William Morris, an English artist, writer, and textile designer:
“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
With that in mind, I’m really trying to edit my stuff. And boy do I have stuff… a lot of it’s useful and beautiful, but the majority of it is only sometimes useful and actually really ugly. I’m trying to remedy that…slowly. Or at the very least, keep that in mind whenever I bring anything new into the house. So my table runner and napkins were inspired with the idea that they are both beautiful and immanently useful.
Plus, it’s a learning experience. I’ve already acquired a new technique for applique, and the small size of the runner makes it good practice for quilting. These squares will have to wait–I’m under a deadline here. Thanksgiving is in 23 days, so I’ve got to get busy. The hand-sewing for the applique is taking forever, but it is perfect for long movie and tv show marathons. And once I get that done, it’s just a simple matter to quilt the top to the bottom, and put a binding on it. Right…? Right?
Man, beautiful and useful is hard work.