I’ve been sewing a lot lately, but it’s mostly Christmas presents, so I can’t show anything off! But here’s a shirt that I made about two months ago and finally got around to photographing.

(These photographs are horrible. It gets dark so early now that my usually “okay” pictures have turned into something truly awful. I need to get a better camera, and some photographing skills. Sheesh. In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me.)

This is the Jennifer pattern, from Burda Style. I’m getting better at interpreting their awful directions, so this shirt actually went really well. Only a few seam rips! This is the first of this type of shirt I’ve made for myself. Jesse’s horrible birthday shirt provided some good tips, as in, “make sure the cuffs aren’t both facing the same way,” and, “make sure the size is actually correct.”

The fabric is some leftover stash I got for free. At first I didn’t think I’d use it in much–it has a single gold thread running through the plaid which is uncharacteristic for me. Turns out I love it in this shirt! The bodice inset is covered in pin-tucks, which took forever but look great. Halfway through I realized I was doing them wrong, of course (thank you horrible instructions), but they still look fine.

Three little buttons on the back

The results were so pleasing I would happily make this again! I would give myself a little bit more room in the waist area, do the pin-tucks correctly, and shorten the sleeves so they fall at 3/4 without having to roll them up. I’m thinking a soft flowing cotton fabric, sewn up with french seams would look so nice. If only Liberty of London Tana lawn weren’t so darn expensive, I would just luxuriate in a shirt of that. Like a hot bubble bath of silky pleasing softness. Ah, someday.

And now, back to the Christmas presents.

UPDATE: New and improved pictures by the wonderful Mallary of Sharp Shooter Pics!