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Ah, the Day After Thanksgiving. We’re groggy and tired, facing an epic mess of smeared cranberry sauce, crusty stuffing stuck to the spoon, and stray pomegranate seeds.

But it’s a fulfilling mess to look at, since it’s proof of an extremely successful Thanksgiving Celebration. It was just five of us in our little house, but we had a perfectly cooked turkey (thanks to Nat!) with all the best sides: stuffing, gravy, veggies, cheese puffs, and finished off with a pumpkin pie. We did pretty well for ourselves.

Nat and his seriously good turkey

Many people, tiny kitchen

Making cranberry sauce

Minor Incidents:

1) Jesse put the champagne in the freezer, thinking it would act like hard liquor and not freeze. Wrong. He opened it to a stream of champagne slush pouring all over the kitchen. We drank it anyway, mixed with cranberry juice.

Slushy mimosa

2) Eric made bourbon pumpkin pie. While heating the bourbon on the gas stove, he managed to light the alcohol on fire. Three foot flames leapt out of the saucepan while Eric held it out and we all screamed. Adrenaline rush! Yes, we turned off the stove right away. Yes, we put the lid back on and it died. But it was pretty exciting while it leapt and licked at nothing.

I’d also like to point out that these occurred before any alcohol was imbibed.

Did you see? I finished my Thanksgiving table runner. It performed beautifully, and I even allowed it to get dirty. Hours of lovingly hand-sewn work it might be, but it’s still washable. I love it. I can’t wait to pull it out year after year and feel the thick linen, and remember the time we lived in this house with these people and celebrated Thanksgiving.

Happy, warm, cozy

Yes. I’m thankful.