Now that my Thanksgiving table runner is done, I’ve given myself another crazy deadline. It’s about time for this one, though, as I’ve had this fabric and pattern for over a year. Wow. Hoard much, do I?
This is the Chantilly dress, from Colette Patterns. This is my favorite local pattern company, and I keep buying their designs and hoarding them for months. I’ve had this pattern since last November, and it should look familiar as I used it for my Cabo San Sundress (to great success).  When I originally bought this pattern I also bought some purple silk chiffon for it, which has been sitting on my shelf looking quite forlorn ever since.

Land of the Sweets: A Burlesque Nutcracker

It’s hard to find the motivation for sewing a dress when you don’t have the right place to wear it. The chiffon is just a tad too swishy for work, so it really calls for a special event. And finally, after a year of waiting, I’ve found that event. My birthday is coming up at the end of the month, and we booked tickets to The Land of the Sweets: A Burlesque Nutcracker in Seattle. It’s the traditional Nutcracker story, set to jazz music with acrobatics and risque jokes. This sounds so amazing for multiple reasons. But the culmination is that it’s the perfect event for a new dress, especially one that will be the a wonderful shade of Sugar Plum.

Sugar Plum Chiffon

I’ve never worked with chiffon before, and already I want to swear at it, but I think it’ll work out. Practicing the dress with sturdier fabric this summer was an excellent idea–I’ve already made the needed adjustments, and the rest should come together pretty easily. Hopefully. I’m under a deadline here! This is on top of my other Christmas presents, too. Ridiculous.

But seriously, how often will I get to wear a brand new handmade dress to a birthday celebration at a Burlesque Nutcracker in Seattle? I’d venture to say not often.