This is a drawing I did of our house. Notice the rain. We were promised 4 inches of rain this weekend, and the sky did it’s best to oblige.

Winter Rain, Katrina Emery, ink and paper, 2010

Unfortunately, this was the weekend I had wanted to go on a bike ride. “No matter what the weather is,” I told Jesse. “Make sure we go.” I was thinking a light drizzle, not a downpour. A canoe would have been handy to navigate the streets last Friday.

So, no bike ride for us. But we did go to our neighborhood yoga studio for a free class, and that beat me up pretty effectively, so I’m good.

This darkness is excrutiating this year! I won’t say I’m clinically depressed, but boy does it suck that it’s dark when I leave my house and dark when I get home. It makes things really hard to get done. But, despite that, I did have a really great weekend. Walked to a coffeshop, did some reading, baked Christmas cookies, finished some presents, had good chats with friends. You know, the good stuff.

It’s twelve more days until Christmas now. Does that mean the Twelve Days of Christmas start now, or do they start on Christmas and extend twelve days past it? I’ve always been muddled on that.  Either way, I feel like I should start looking for partridges in pear trees.

I feel like watching Christmas specials tonight.