There is absolutely nothing like being the recipient of a surprise party.  When you get home from dinner with thoughts of putting on pajamas and watching a movie, only to find twenty of your favorite people throwing balloons and singing happy birthday you… it’s a special feeling. A little amazement, a little excitement, a moment to understand what’s actually happening, then a little embarrassment. “Surely you can’t all be here for me? You are? Really?” Round that off with a huge dose of love and appreciation for all the people who conspired to make it happen, and you’ve got yourself an evening of good feelings. Also, cake and champagne.

Walking in

Magical Cake Moment

Good people, good times

Birthday tree, complete with balloons and streamers


A birthday on the 23rd of December inevitably gets sucked into Christmas, which has the whole family thing going on for everyone, so it’s rare that I get to celebrate with friends. The fact that plans were made over a month ago, and everything was coordinated so perfectly… I felt so special.

I was completely oblivious to the plans, as well. I’m easy to fool, apparently: and here I thought I was an astute, sensitive, aware person.

Thank you, thank you. I love you all.