I love this time of year! The anticipation, the waiting, the festive buzzing around. Too many things are getting me excited, so this week I have a post planned for every day.  It’s a count down to Christmas! We fly out for home early Christmas morning and will relax there all next week, so I figure it balances out: a post every day this week, with a long relaxing silence to follow.

This weekend I made myself a festive holiday headband, using a giant ribbon that came attached to a wreath. It was a 5 minute craft–I cut a strip of ribbon, wrapped it around a plastic headband I had, then attached a little bow I made. Voila! Festivity unleashed!

Serious, thoughtful pose

Not-so-serious pose

I also whipped up a Guinness Gingerbread Cake after browsing around this site. It was gone before I had a chance to take any pictures, or even make whipped cream.  So moist and spiced it was a perfect holiday treat.  After making it, I found a recipe at Smitten Kitchen (with delicious pictures) that I’ll have to try next. Maybe I’ll be able to snap a picture before gobbling it up, even.

I’m so close to finishing up Christmas presents. Now I just have to find ways to wrap them and I’ll be done.

There is a lunar eclipse tonight, so if you’re in a place that’s not Portland (as in, you have clear skies), be sure to look for it!

 5 more days!