We decided not to do Christmas cards this year, but then I just had to send these out, by The Black Apple. I added two recipes, because I love fun surprises in envelopes. There were only 10, so I had to ration heavily. Otherwise I would have sent one to every person I know…

I wish I had this card in a large, painted form. I would take it out every winter, and put it away in spring. Because it’s a winter-only type painting.

There is a print of this that’s calling my name in her store. I might have to give myself a late birthday/Christmas present after the holidays!

Side note: one of the above recipes is for Hot Buttered Rum. I don’t know why, but I included it before I actually tried it. I had already sent half the cards out when I did try it one festive night only to realize it needs copious amounts of sugar. So please, if you were a recipient of this recipe, add more sugar. For your own sake.

3 more days!