I’m back!

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve posted– though I have so many things to say and show that I will have no problem making up for my absence. My vacation was absolutely wonderful, and was just what I was hoping for.  The entire month of December was spent looking forward to the holidays, and they rose to the occasion beautifully. I love it when things actually live up to your expectations. Like this:

This is my favorite hot chocolate. Ever. It’s really just cocoa powder that you mix with sugar and water/milk, but the taste comes out so much richer and more cocoa-ey than anything Swiss Miss can hope to reach. (And I like Swiss Miss.) I love Droste because it’s not super sweet. It’s got a bitter bite to it, like dark chocolate, which feels so luxurious and real, for some reason. One mug of this will keep you going all week. I had at least three, so I’m good to go for awhile, but after that I might have to invest in a box of my own.

Christmas and my Birthday were so good to me this year. Rather, I should say my favorite people were good to me. I got many fabulous things, but best are the memories of ice skating, a risque Nutcracker, gingerbread houses, one giant gummy worm, Wii dancing, laughing at old pictures, and eating lots of good food.

With vacation over, it’s time to turn my thoughts to the new year. I plan on doing a thorough, intense cleanout of all my stuff, and continue reminding myself of the “beautiful or useful” rule. As I said, I’ve got lots to post, so keep checking back! To get around that, you can have new posts delivered to your email by going to the main Penny Farthing page and subscribing on the right. Now that all my handmade gifts are in their rightful homes, I can show what I’ve been working on for so long! Pictures are coming soon!

Here’s to the hope of a wonderful 2011!

{In typing the new year, I keep hitting the “0” twice, so that it comes out like “20011.” A decade of “200-” will do that to you, I guess.}