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I was quite lucky this Christmas–besides getting a cutting mat and rotary cutter (quilting just became possible!), I got several books and fabrics that I am just drooling over. I will now proceed to make you jealous.

First, the fabric:

One yard of Alexander Henry’s Larkspur, from Purl Soho, and another yard of a coordinating print. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for yet. (Suggestions welcome!) I also got a yard of gorgeous Liberty of London fabric, but I can’t find a picture of the print. However, it’s pretty, it’s floral, it’s delicate, and I love it!

Now the books. First is Embroidery Companion, by Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy. She’s a local Portlander that I’ve mentioned before. I love her modern takes on all the traditional embroidery designs, like the Harvest Apron. These are all projects I’m eyeing for the future. Can you pick up the Scandinavian motif on those curtains? Love it! I thought I might rest my needle for awhile after Christmas, but I’m already itching to start some of these!

(I took terrible pictures. But I feel like that’s okay and even deserved, since they are somewhat bootlegged. Be warned.)


Next up is I Love Macarons, by Hisako Ogita. I am completely addicted to the crusty sweet macarons from Pix Patisserie so for my birthday Jesse surprised me with this book and a promise to make me some. I’m still waiting…  But in the meantime, I’ll satisfy myself with these lovely pictures. I love how in the back they give you suggestions of how to package and gift these little jewels.

Note: In the Amazon.com reveiws some people mention that the basic recipe is a little off and might need to be adjusted. We haven’t made them yet, so I’ll have to update this when we do.

Yum. I did get one more book, but I’m saving that one for it’s own post, because I love it so. Now I feel like I need to clean more, if only to be deserving of these wonderful gifts!

Who wants to come over for macarons and sewing?