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‘Tis better to give than to receive, so this post is dedicated to all the handmade gifts I’ve spent hours hunched over since before Thanksgiving, working to make them perfect to give away. Turns out they weren’t perfect. But if I’ve learned any lesson in life it’s that nothing ever is. I’ve been talking about these for months, and now that they are all in their rightful homes, I can finally show them off!

Four bibs for two babies

1) Bibs for the Babies: My sister-in-law is pregnant with twin girls, and my thoughts lately have turned to all the fun things I can sew for babies. Of course, I’ll have to make them all in sets of two! These bibs are from The Purl Bee’s pattern, with cotton fabric I found at Fabric Depot. I love the teal color, like it’s teasing a boyish blue, but staying firmly girly. The backs of them are a soft white terry cloth, for maximum spill absorption, and they have magnetic clasps at the neck to keep them together.

Stylish skirt for a stylish lady

2) Skirt for my sister: This skirt is from Burda Style’s Marie pattern, one I’ve used before for a favorite skirt of mine. I thought my sister could rock the high waisted look, especially if it was in her favorite color scheme. The fabric is a thick woolly type of houndstooth. This was, unfortunately, one of the projects that wasn’t perfect, if you can tell by the wobbly zipper on the right side. We managed to fix it by using a much shorter zipper and a different technique. Thanks, Mom! I’ve made my sister promise to send me a stylish picture of her all dressed up fancy with black heels.

Cute skirt for a cute girl

3) Skirt for my neice. This was a quick sew, with an elastic waist and a ribbon hem. It was very well received–she loved matching her aunt, but liked her skirt better “because it has a shiny ribbon here, see?” I love the way the stiff ribbon makes the skirt poof out a bit all around. I had to make the waist a bit smaller, but the length turned out great. Oh, cute girls’ clothes… I used the free Lazy Days Skirt pattern download for this.

Four ties for four guys

4) Ties for the guys. This was actually all Jesse, my stellar partner-in-crime. He got all excited about making the fellows ties for Christmas, and managed to learn to read a pattern, cut fabric, sew, and still finish 5 ties in time for Christmas. What a rockstar! He used The Purl Bee’s tie pattern with stiff interfacing. My nephew, unfortunately, was not excited about a tie–even one that matched Daddy’s. But everyone else liked them.

I forgot the ridiculous amount of months contained in a year...

5) Embroidered Calendars for my mom and mother-in-law. This was the project that I started first, that took the longest, and that I am most satisfied with. Inspired by this post on Design*Sponge way back in October, I got it into my head that a handmade calendar was an excellent idea, and I’ll go ahead and embroider a design on every month! I kind of forgot how many months there were in a year, then times that by two…whew. But I just managed to finish them both in time, and I loved giving them away! The patterns are Scandinavian (of course) that I bought here, while some are from a Jenny Hart design, and a few I had to just make up. Twelve months is a lot…

That about does it–should it depress me that a solid 2 months of work was just summed up in one post? Oh, well… I loved packing these away and wrapping them, like lovely treasures. I love the fact that everything I gave away was handmade. I loved seeing all my hours of work pay off. This year, though, I’m starting in August…