Whoops, I completely spaced a Christmas present I made for my dear sister, K. Shame on me. It works out because I didn’t have any good pictures of it anyway. After a quick begging, I now have some lovely photos to show off, styled and shot by my very own sister!

I made the first part of this gift last year when K. told me that she was doing her kitchen in “vintage birds.” I had some great fabric buried in my stash that I would have used those exact words to describe. I made her a set of sweet napkins, and found the above little birdy salt and pepper shakers to join them.

This year I still had leftover fabric and thought I would continue on with that theme, in a bigger format. So I made an apron, with a bib and a tie.

I added a pocket, and thought I would be brave and try a welt pocket. It was… an experiment. In all reality I should have ripped it out and tried again, but I tend to be pretty forgiving of my mistakes, so it stayed. Sorry, K! I do really like the shape of the bottom part of the apron–can I call it the skirt?  It curves up nicely at the edges and goes far enough around the body to provide maximum hand-wiping areas. And the pocket is still functional, if a little messy. Hey, it’s all an experiment…

Here’s an up-close shot of the fabric. I just love the pink tones, the tiny birds, and the yellow flowers. It’s all so vintage. I still have a little left-over… what do you need for next year?