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This is weeks later, I know, but my birthday dress was a success! I finished it on my actual birthday, with plenty of time to wear it out that night. When I say “finished it,” it’s a bit relative, since I didn’t actually hem it. Without enough time to handroll the edges I left the chiffon raw, but I don’t think it negatively impacted my birthday experience. I’m working on hemming it now.

As I mentioned before, we drove up to Seattle for The Land of the Sweets: A Burlesque Nutcracker. Before the show we ate at a great Vietnamese place called Long Provincial, where the waiter persuaded us to try one of the Top Ten Dishes in Seattle. Now, I’m not normally a squid-eating person, but it was one of the top ten dishes in a culinary city, it was my birthday, and it was something I’d never done, so I was easily convinced. I forget the actual name, but it was a satay with this amazing flavor. I guess I could like squid!

See the little tentacles?

The show itself was phenomenal, and so much fun. The costumes were amazing, the dances were amazing, and we saw some pretty spectacular things. *wink* It was just risque enough to make you giggle and drop your jaw, and just teasing enough to make you want more. I loved it! Since you obviously can’t take pictures during the show, this is the only photo I got:

That’s all burlesque is–just a tease! But back to the dress. I had done this pattern, Colette’s Chantilly, before so the construction was pretty easy, but the floaty chiffon did prove to be a challenge to work with. That stuff is just so slippery! And, just like my last dress, the bust came out too big. I took it way in…and it still looks big to me. I’m going to have to stuff tissues down there whenever I wear this. I don’t think it’s easily fixable, and I don’t want to tear into the chiffon again, so I think I’ll just live with it. I love every other aspect of the dress, inlcuding the color and the light flowy feel. For the evening, I added a peacock headband I had, which went perfectly with the sugar-plum color.

Now I’m in agony over Jesse’s birthday in May, because I don’t know how I’ll ever top mine. A surprise party, a new dress, AND an awesome show? The stakes are high. Oh, dear.