It’s Friday, and what a week it’s been. I almost have kitchen curtains done, and I’m working on a muslin of the Ceylon dress, but these dark nights have produced no pictures. So instead here’s a random mish-mash of things.

1) I’m reading Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh, a lovely birthday gift that I am enjoying greatly. It’s set in the 1800s in India and centers around several people involved in the opium trade. I love being transported far away from these rainy days, but the lingo is somewhat of a problem, as it’s a mix of Bengali-British-Sailor-Speak. For example: “It would never do to be warming the coorsy when there’s kubber like this to be heard.” Um, what?

2) I’ve become addicted to our new Wii game, Just Dance 2. It’s my new workout routine, consisting of flailing about while thinking I look fantastic. I love it.

3) I saw this post on Design* Sponge about ginger tea and mustard baths. Jesse and I make ginger lemon tea all the time (but with cayenne in it? what a great idea!), but I have never once heard of a mustard bath. That scares me just a little bit. I wouldn’t do it myself, but if someone wanted to make it for me and let me use their giant jacuzzi-bathtub, I’d be okay with that.

4) I bought these Steve Madden Oxfords and I am in love with them! I love the androgynous feel of oxfords, though these are firmly feminine. I’ve already worn them with knee socks, and felt very schoolgirl-ish. They’re great with dresses and leggings, too.

This weekend I’m hoping to relax a bit, in between some friend-dates and a Bollywood dance party. And of course, some sewing.

Happy Friday, and may a sunny weekend be yours!