Ever since we moved into our house I’ve been trawling the pages of Design*Sponge and dreaming of ways to spruce our little old home up. We rent, so no painting or renovating involved (thank goodness). Also, we’re not rich, so no fancy sofas or Eames chairs. So it’s with great excitement that I finally am able to post my first home improvement Before & After.


I like how the messy sink really emphasizes the ugliness, like frowning does for a makever show. 


I know it’s only curtains and a quick clean, but: Ah, so much better! Oh, how I love this fabric. It’s Nani Iro double cotton gauze by Naomi Ito, a Japanese designer. It’s thick enough to stop wandering eyes from gazing in, but light and airy enough to evoke a summer day in the dreariest of Januaries. And the colors are some of my favorites!

The sewing part was super easy, especially since I just took down the existing curtain and copied it. I hemmed the top and bottom, but since the sides happen to fall on the selvedges, I left them. Simple and easy. It changes the whole feel of the kitchen. (Although, it ended up a tad shorter than I meant it to. Whoops! It just means our little owl friend can peek his eyes under the hem.)

We have a few other home improvement projects planned, and hopefully we’ll get to them soon.

But in the meantime, I’ve recently discovered how cool Flickr is. I know, I’m WAY behind. Lame me. But now that I’m in the know, I’ve updated my account with a lot of pictures, and have been having fun finding groups I can join, favoriting pictures, and getting even more inspiration. Are you on Flickr? Find me! Check out my inspiration gallery for the other Nani Iro fabric I bought, and tell me what you think!