Sarai at Colette Patterns is hosting a Spring Palette Challenge, which I would love to do. I’m on a small no-buying-more-fabric ban, though, so I might have to stick to my random piles of stash fabric. But I’d still like to create some new pieces for my wardrobe and follow the challenge in my own way.

I was thinking about what types of things I’ve sewn compared to what I  wear every day, and it didn’t quite match up. I have an office job so it’s business casual for me on weekdays. Of the seven dresses I’ve sewn, five are casual, and two are okay for work. This is not a good ratio. It creates a lopsided complaining loop: on weekdays I never have anything to wear, and on weekends I have too much to wear and things end up languishing in my closet.

I can change this. This is my challenge. The Spring Wardrobe Challenge! From now until May, I will attempt to sew for myself only clothes that are work-appropriate, and during the month of May I will wear one hand-made item every day, weekends included. A lot of people around the blogosphere did this last year and called it Me Made May, which I love to say out loud. In order for me join this year, I’m going to have to add a few things to my wardrobe. I currently have nine items I’ve made that I can wear to work, so I’ll need to supplement that a bit.

Here’s the rundown:

Ceylon Dress, Colette Patterns

1) Purple Sage Ceylon: I’m in the middle of a muslin for my Ceylon dress right now, so I’ll finish that and then get started on the real one, out of some great purple fabric.

2) Nani Iro Dress: I bought more lovely Nani Iro fabric (this instigated the ban on buying more fabric) and can’t wait to make a beautiful dress! I have an inspiration gallery going on Flickr for this. Tell me what you think!

3) Dress-to-Blouse remake: What do you do with a beautiful high-collar dress you never wear? Cut it shorter and add some sleeves to make it a classy blouse for work!

JJ Blouse from Burda Style


4) Liberty Blouse: I got some great Liberty of London fabric for Christmas, and I’d like to make a simple blouse out of it. Something like the JJ from Burda Style, probably.

Vogue 8479


5) Trousers: The pièce de résistance of this challenge–trousers! They are notoriously hard to fit, but I could really use some new ones. I picked up Vogue 8479 on sale, and will attempt to make it work!

So that’s my Wardrobe Challenge: five pieces before May. Two dresses, two blouses, and one pair of trousers. Yikes! With those five items I’ll have 14 I can wear to work, which will get me most of the way through the month, and then I’ll have to get creative and mix up the outfits.

You can check back here for my progress sewing, and then in May I’ll attempt to post a picture (either here or on Flickr) of my outfit every day–we’ll see if I can make it all month!