paper print by boldandnoble


I am in need of this advice, and I am in need of sitting down and actually following it.  My winter coats have been shedding buttons like snow lately (don’t worry, I’ve picked them up and saved them).

Besides those, I have some pants that are threatening to rip and are in need of some reinforcing, as well as a few other nips and tucks on various items.

-Sew buttons on yellow coat

-Sew buttons on gray coat

-Sew button on green sweater

-Shorten straps on jumper

-Reinforce side seam on brown pants and skinny jeans.

O how the mending pile grows! Just don’t ask me to darn any socks.

Jesse and I have been following the men’s shirt sew-along over at Male Pattern Boldness.  Jesse’s even planning on joining in to make himself a fancy shirt! It officially starts on February 1st, which gives us time to get the pattern and pick out some nice fabric. What will he pick–Plaid? Gingham? A solid? Who knows. We might have to fight over the sewing machine soon, or draw up an agreeable schedule. He had huge successes with his Christmas Ties, so I have complete confidence in him. Actually, I suspect I’ll be asking him to take over my projects pretty soon.

This weekend, I’m working on my Ceylon muslin–I’m hoping it’ll be a wearable one, but we’ll see. Have a good one!