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I made this skirt eons ago, but have just now managed to get some good pictures of it! This fabric is an Ikat pillowcase that a co-worker gave me, which she got off eBay from Turkey. Throw pillows are not treated very well in our house (emphasis on the throw part), so I thought it might be more gently loved if I actually wore it.

These photos are by the incredible Mallary of Sharp Shooter Pics. Check out more of her stunning photos! There’s another one of me hidden in there somewhere: can you find it? I like to practice my America’s Next Top Model poses around Mallary, and she is sweet to indulge me.

This is a simple panel skirt, but I tried to do a “paper bag” waist with elastic and lots of gathers. I like how it turned out–the only thing I wish I could change is the length. For the skirt to be wearable I need to put the elastic around my hips, but I think the paper bag look is best around the waist. Unfortunately, that makes it just too short! I have a hard time with super short skirts.  Makes me feel even taller than I already am, something like a telephone pole… oh, those pesky body issues.

I love the single turquoise dot in the pattern, though it does fall at an admittedly awkard place. I choose to ignore that.

Now I just need a night on the town to get this skirt some action!

Mallary was kind enough to take some better pictures of my Indian Summer Dress and my Jennifer Shirt. I’ve updated both those posts with the new pics, so check them out!